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There’s no better way to reward your hard-working employees than with sports and entertainment offers created by Legion. Provide them with exclusive deals and discounts through our Employee Perks program. Engage your professionals and raise company morale by getting in touch with us now.

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About Legion’s Employee Perks

About Legion’s Employee Perks

With Legion’s Employee Perks, you make your people happy, which makes your business more vibrant as a result. Our talented team of outreach experts knows how important a healthy company culture is to ongoing business success. Through our network of sports and leisure connections, we’ll help you brighten your company’s atmosphere through discounts on an array of activities. Whether it’s a sporting event or dinner at a local restaurant, our programs are sure to keep your team happy and engaged.

Our Employee Perks program benefits both individuals and companies. An emphasis on appreciation is the program’s foundation. We help your people have fun at market-leading rates. When we put smiles on people’s faces, we know we’ve done our jobs well.

Legion Employee Perks How It Works

How It Works

Working with our Employee Perks team will save you the time, energy, and other resources needed to organize and host a successful appreciation event. Our experts are equipped to handle all related tasks at no cost to you. This ensures high exposure and team member satisfaction. Each of your employees will have the opportunity to take advantage of the offers that most appeal to his or her interests. We facilitate the process by answering all questions and providing thorough background information. Our superior customer service is the backbone of all our partnerships, ensuring the greatest success for your company and our firm alike.

Legion Employee Perks Sports


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It doesn’t get much better than an evening at the big game with your loved ones or a morning on the green with your best friends. Our Employee Perks program provides impressive discounts on local sports-related activities. They are sure to please your people, whether they like golf, baseball, football, or soccer. Our exclusive offers guarantee savings in any area of interest. Let your people wrap up a busy week at the office with fun by creating opportunities for relaxation and weekend events with their loved ones.

Legion Employee Perks Entertainment


By offering Employee Perks, we will ensure that your team members can do more of what they love. We are proud to share special deals on access to an array of entertainment venues. These consist of recreation centers, movie theaters, comedy clubs, and more. Our intention is to equip you with the tools you need to reward your hard workers with memorable experiences that don’t overextend budgets.

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Legion Employee Perks Hospitality


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Everyone needs to escape reality once in a while. We have the opportunities to suit any employee’s expectations – from luxurious spas to national hotel chains at reasonable prices. Our dining and hospitality partners are happy to offer their amenities to accommodate any budget. We’ll help you thank your team by giving them a wide range of outlets for rejuvenation. They are sure to respond with even greater commitment to your company as a result.

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Contact Legion today to take the initial step toward showing your employees how grateful you are for their efforts. Our talented experts will help you prepare a discount package with no cost or work required on your part. We promise a multitude of discounts that will satisfy individual interests. As such, your people will feel more motivated than ever. We can’t wait to help your people spend less and live more!